Truck Driver vs. Lawyer

The truck driver had this rabid hatred for lawyers, ever since his divorce. Whenever he'd see a lawyer alongside the side of the road, he would PURPOSELY swerve to hit him, even if it meant veering onto the shoulder.

One day, he saw a figure up ahead, hitchhiking. The driver thought "Lawyer!" and started to swerve. To his surprise, he saw it was a nun! He stopped and asked if he could give the sister a ride, which she graciously accepted, to the convent farther up ahead.

A mile or so later, the driver saw a lawyer ahead, broken down on the shoulder. He instinctively swerved, but at the last moment remembered that he had the nun with him, and he yanked the wheel hard to get back on the road.. only to hear, to his great dismay, a solid thump, along with the anguished cry of the lawyer.

"Oh jeez, Sister! I'm sorry!" said the trucker. "I thought I swerved enough to miss him!"

"You did, my son." replied the nun. "I got the bastard with the door!"

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