Father's Famous Words

  • Don't ask me, ask your mother.
  • You didn't beat me. I let you win.
  • Big boys donít cry.
  • Donít worry. Itís only blood.
  • Donít you know any normal boys?
  • Coffee will stunt your growth.
  • Get your elbows off the table.
  • I told you, keep your eye on the ball.
  • Who said life was supposed to be fair.
  • Always say please and thank you. That way, you get more.
  • If you forget, you'll be grounded till the end of the world.
  • You call that a haircut?
  • This will hurt me a lot more than it hurts you.
  • Donít give me any of your lip, young lady.
  • You call that noise "music"?
  • Weíre not lost. Iím just not sure where we are.
  • No, weíre not there yet.
  • Shake it off. It's only pain.
  • When I was your age , I treated MY father with respect.
  • Iíll tell you why. Because I said so. Thatís why.
  • Do what I say, not what I do.
  • Whatís so funny? Wipe that smile off your face.
  • Young ladies perspire, they do not sweat.
  • C'mon, you throw like a girl.
  • You want something to do? Iíll give you something to do.
  • If you shake it more than three times, you're playing with it.
  • What keeps those jeans of yours from falling off?
  • I'm not just talking to hear my own voice!
  • Come here, pull my finger.
  • If your friend jumped off a bridge would you?
  • In MY day......

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