Knowledge Part II

Money can help you to get medicines
but not health.
Money can help you to get soft pillows,
but not sound sleep.
Money can help you to get material comforts,
but not eternal bliss.
Money can help you to get ornaments,
but not beauty.
Money will help you to get an electric earphone,
but not natural hearing.
Attain the supreme wealth, WISDOM;
you will have everything.

Between thinking and seeing, there is a place called knowing.

- Carolyn Myss

Let not ignorance be your friend
because we are all brothers and sisters,
and wisdom lies on the path on which the mind
refuses to travel on a daily basis.
-Jerusalmi Streete
It's not the age or looks
that makes the man
but the true man himself, indeed.
-Jerusalmi Streete

If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.
-Isaac Asimov

Wisdom is...
Something divided into two parts:
(a) having a great deal to say
(b) not saying it.

It takes a long time to understand nothing.
-Edward Dahlberg

Any fool can make a rule,
and any fool will mind it.

Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half-heard.
-Gene Wolfe

If ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people?

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