Reason to Give

The trees are so baren, empty and brown
Fallen winter snow, sleeps on the ground
Jack frost keeps nippin, back at your ears
As this time of year, he seems to appear

People are running to and fro
Looking so lost, where there go?
Decorations are up, before the season
Can you tell me, the real reason?

Infocommercials, sell you their soul
Spend your money, that's their goal
When do we really stop, look around?
Remember the feeling, it can be refound

When a snowflake lands, upon your tongue
Remember that feeling, when you were young
Up in the sky, stars are brighter now
Recapture the feeling, some way, some how

Wish a good day, to a stranger on the street
Hold out your hand, to all that you meet
Share your good fortune, with the poor today
Feel the joy, please spread some their way

Hug an old woman, who may be alone
Help someone with packages, on their way home
Sing christmas carols out loud, for all to hear
Spread the good news, Peace is near

Enjoy the glow, of the fire tonight
Be thankful you're in a warm, cozy site
Buy just one present, for a orphaned child
Relax your heart, be happy and mild

Give any blanket, for a homeless one
Work a soup kitchen, it can be fun
Feel good inside, this holiday season
To give without a special reason

For if everyone just did, these simply things
Just think of the joy, you've helped to bring
And your season will be more, special to you
From the kindness you spread and helped to do

So put away the tinsel town, running around
Look inside to the warmth, you've simply found
Your holidays surely, will reward you more
You gave from your heart, you opened the door

Donna Dite

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