Thanks Mom

When I was little
You said to me
"You can be anything
You want to be"

I wanted to be
An Indian chief
"Yes", you said
To my relief

Then I decided
To be a spy
"Better than Sherlock"
Was your reply

When I wanted
To be a movie star
You said to me
"You will go far"

Then I wanted
To be a writer
"You can", you said
"'Cause you're a fighter"

You encouraged me
To be my best
When it was time
To leave the nest

The times I said
"Mom, my life's a mess!"
"No", you said
"You're a success"

I've tried many things
Through out my life
I had a career
And now I'm a wife

I'm all grown up
With tots of my own
You're there for me
Whenever I phone

The thing I wanted
The most to be...
Was to be a mom
Like you were to me

But now I know
I can't be the BEST
'Cuz you're the one
Who aced that test

So thanks Mom
For believing in me
You gave me courage
And set me free

You taught me well
As you can see
That I can be happy
Just being me

Constance Incrocci
© 1999

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