On a cold January morn
A little red-haired girl was born,
And all could see right from the start
That she was someone set apart

As a young child so full of life,
Although there were some times of strife,
She always managed to get through;
This fact is known to quite a few.

As years went by and she did grow
to a young lady, she did show -
That she was one who would go far
Why, she even drove a car!

This may not seem like such a feat
Unless you know -let me repeat-
It was back in the, "Olden days",
When women were set in their ways.

Not long after they, “Got the Vote”,
And please forgive me if I note:
‘Twas when the world was “ruled by men”,
But that did not stop our “little Jen”.

She soon went on her way to teach
And as she did she tried to reach -
In rural villages here and there,
The ones who needed love and care.

She later started a new life
When she became a loving wife,
And settled on a country farm -
Bringing it new life and charm.

Hand in hand they made their way,
And we all know to this day
Her love for him will always be
Most cherished in her memory.

They raised a family of four,
And always had an open door
To all who came within the yard -
Though there were times when it was hard.

In many ways she was a leader -
Church and school found they did need her
To show the ways to get things done;
She made it look like it was fun!

And when her family was all grown,
Remembering the life she’d known
Brought her back again to teach;
As more young lives she tried to reach.

After he and she retired
All who knew them soon admired
The way that they were able to
Fill their lives with things to do.

The years slipped by so very fast,
And now the time has come at last -
A well-deserved time of rest;
And so we wish her all the best.

We hope she knows within her heart
That she has always done her part,
And helped in her own special way
To bring about a better day.

She paved the way for me and you,
Now we must try to follow through
And so without more hesitation
We thank her for her dedication.

Catherine M. Prostak
Mother’s Day 1994

In loving memory of my mother -
Mary Jeanette (Jennie) Dunn
January 9, 1906 - November 10, 1998

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