...and we traded bloody kisses in the moonlight on the wounds of cuts that never heal

You had eyes the bluest color of ice and fire
and a defiant cock to your loving pose
while you gazed up at stars and held to your breast
the dried remains of a blood red rose
and a thorn pierced thru the very center
of each palm like crucifixion nails
and we traded bloody kisses in the moonlight
on the wounds of cuts that never heal...

And we drifted in limbo for many years
like galaxies too lost within our worlds
but we knew the secret shadows that lingered,
hidden beneath the layers of a stolen pearl
and with the fleeting intensity of fighting tigers
we loved the only way we knew how,
but in the darkness we were each other's comfort
when our worlds seemed to keep crumbling down...

Oh but my beautiful stargazer, we never dreamed
that our hearts would ever bleed so much
and for all we loved, how could we have known
that in such different skin we'd find the softest touch
but when we burned and writhed like fallen angels
I know we could never help but wonder why:
even when we walked thru the nicest parts of hell
we saw the crossroads of forever in each other's eyes...

We were thornbirds, singing songs so beautiful
as to make the stars weep moonlight tears
and in throes of ecstasy we pitched ourselves forward
and impaled ourselves on silver spikes of fear
but like the phoenix we somehow rose anew
from the ashes of things too scared to believe in
and somehow we learned to love ourselves again,
but no, you never really belonged to me...

Just know that like a shadow I'll always be with you
thru the years, even when you can't seem to see me,
lying next to you when you soak your pillow in tears
and holding your hand when you cry yourself to sleep...

("It's better this way," we said..)

*Dedicated to: Rebecca Howard
Happy most belated 21st Birthday : )
Andrew Miller
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