Sometimes, all the time, often, with you

sometimes i feel like my head is on fire
and the ashes of thoughts blow away
sometimes my mouth feels like it doesn't exist
and there are no words i know how to say
sometimes my heart stops beating
and i think i feel my blood run dry
and often my eyes squeeze shut
and i hold back the urge to cry
sometimes i hear you complaining
but i block out all the sounds
sometimes i try to help you
but i realize when i step out of bounds
sometimes i'm tempted to hit you
and make you suffer too
and often i hear "i love you"
and i wonder if you really do
sometimes the sadness overwealms me
and i take out my misery on you
sometimes you doubt if you love me
but in the end i hope you really do
never have i doubted how much your love means to me
and never do i want to
but all the times i feel my self happy
i know it's because i am with you

Lioness Aidge
*dedicated to matt

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