Because You Said You Love Me

Because you said you loved me, I let joy back in my life,
I found my heart was singing, it forgot the pain and strife.
Once again I felt the sun, the rainbows hues were bright,
I thanked the Lord above for you, I did so every night.

Because you said you loved me, my defenses fell aside,
And I took all your promises, and cherished them inside.
But then you started changing, and I was sensing doubt,
Who really was this soul I loved, what were you all about.

Because you said you loved me, I kept my trust alive,
For if my heart believed you'd lie, how would it then survive.
Now times gone by and I do see, my heart and I've been used,
We were pawns in your game, to be played and left abused.

Because you said you loved me, I've learned a lesson well,
For now I know I'm full of love, the roses I still smell.
Since these truths I've found in me, it will make it easy to forget,
And let myself love again, leave you with no regret.

Because you said you loved me, I know I'm worthy of,
An honest, loyal, faithful man, who wants to share his love.
I know that soul is out there, and now my heart can see,
He is the one who's calmly waited, for you to set me free.

set me free

Bonnie Zehring
© Dec. 19, 1999

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