A Journey

Death is but a journey that all men have to take
An ending often thought of, when itís a new life that we make
A sadness borne by families & those we leave behind
Yet others weep for gladness & a joy we too will find

An angel here protects us, & watches carefully
& we can feel their presence as we live life prayerfully
The scriptures teach us from where we came & how to return one day
Our journey would seem meaningless without these to show the way.

We learn the path to follow and all the signs that we must heed,
The rod to hold least we get lost are all the things we need
To take us on this journey from start until the end
& Death is just the barrier that keeps us from our friends.

Cos they have gone there long ago & watched with anxious breath
Mistakes we made on lifeís path we took from birth until our death
They reach to us with open arms & welcome us with love
Not one we knew exists so strong until we reach above

Cos father waits for us to come, back home where we belong
He only made us take the trip to see if we were strong
He needed us to be like him, to trust & learn & grow
& that is why our journey starts & ends on earth below.

So now you know death frees us all from a world of sin & pain
Do not cry for those you lose, just remember what they gain
A love, a god, a family & one, which will soon expand
As death comes fast upon you & they reach to you their hand.
:: Leah Yates
Glasgow, UK

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