Springtime at last, A time to begin,
Starting anew and hoping we’ll win,
Circles go on and seasons they end,
No start and no finish, Just fences to mend.

A time to refresh, A time for a start
of working together, not falling apart.
And making it last, most important of all,
Not two steps upwards then back down we fall.

Working as one, moving onwards for better,
Visits and phonecalls, dates out and letters.
A time to be shared, Then time out alone.
Not a time to argue, nor a time to moan.

A time to learn in knowledge and grow,
Yet time will rush by as we take things slow.
For times always faster when you’re having fun,
And warmth reaches to all like the springtime sun.

But Springtime brings life, pleasure and joy,
A time for new memories, And a time to enjoy,
A time of the present, Not a time for the past,
A time for the future and making it last.
:: Leah Yates
Glasgow, UK

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