I often sit and wonder why
you smile, laugh, wimper, sigh.
Emotions strong, quiet, loud
happiness a fluffy cloud.

Anger, hatred, sadness, tears
emotions shown throughout the years.
Stress so strong you blow your top
if you don't scream you feel you'll pop.

Love is strong, can conquer all
but even true love can take the fall.
Some pent up because of fears
do not lessen through the years.

Sadness builds up deep inside
this one many people hide
fueled by darkness and fears
sadness only causes tears.

Pain you feel for many things
aches, scratches, bruises, stings.
One I would not pick
depression, being heart sick.

This isn't found in a chart
it's the breaking of your heart.
To heal the dull aching pain
sit and listen to the rain.

Cry your tears, feel no shame
no black smudge upon your name.
Scream if that's the way it should be
then your soul is truly free.

The rain will stop, clouds will part
take a breath my restless heart.
you will know exactly when
you are ready to love again.

© 1997

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