Celebrate Weirdness

Celebrate weirdness!
Wine it and dine it.
Design it to fit
the occasion. Rise to it.
Deny those who try to decry it
with scornful remarks
and limited vision.

Elevate eccentricity!
Beware the constricting, confining,
conventional congress of head shakers,
heart breakers, nay sayers, soul slayers.
Dare to be different. Delight in it.
Heighten it. Make it your home.

Applaud anomalies!
Anchor your ship in the singular sea
of uncertainty. Savour the strangeness.
Arrange bliss in whimsical patterns-
Irregular, quirky, quite murky to those
who are closed to outlandish enchantments.

Cultivate non-conformity!
Be weirdly-wise with each enterprise.
Shrink from stale definitions and
pale reflections and pallid convictions.
Relish exotic delicacies of expanded views.
Tempt your palate with spicy spaciousness.

Celebrate weirdness!
Walk the path of surprises. Hope rises
above the horizon of those who despise it;
who narrowly cut down to size
every dream-seeking, scheme-speaking
lover of magic.

Laura Bernstein

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