Life has many doors; some closed, some open; some locked, some uncertain...
And behind each door, our imagination dances; until life unfolds, like a curtain.

And we can never tell what's behind each and every day;
as we go on through life in our own mysterious way.

I've learned that worry is good for the soul,
if someone is there to carry you through.
And when your alone, and the whole world turns,
when you think of the things that's troubling you;
I am thankful that I have a friend to lean on, a friend as true as you.
And someday when I am gone, and the wind blows,
and the sun shines-the snow falls, the darkness surrounds,
when there is emptiness, deep dispare, when there is no one to care-
Remember friend, you are a very special person,
and someone is thinking of you somewhere.

And it may not be this moment, that all your dreams come true-
but if you wait patiently, let love and peace dwell inside you-
that soon, maybe tomorrow by chance, your dreams will escape, come true.

So don't ever give up; hold your head high,
let tears fall, find a friend, don't ever let yourself die...

Because life is full of many kinds of expectations,
and without you, life wouldn't be complete, for you were God's creation.
And you have created for me a destiny.
You have given me Hope, Courage, Strength, Dreams and Love,
And I am thankful for all the things you've done.
And so my friend, go on and dream and live,
and take each breath carefully, smile, be happy, forgive.
For you are what brings a smile to other people's face's;
a comfort to their pain, your loving arm's embraces;
Their hopes and dreams and courage to go on;
you were my best friend, and without you, my heart would not be strong.
:: Rose Taylor
Smithers, BC, Canada

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