Hourglass, hourglass, where art thou?
Is it in the midst of my brow?
When I am young and foolish and don't know where to turn
is it my youth? Or is it what I yearn?
Hourglass hourglass, where art thou?
I am now married and committed to my vows
3 children now fancy my feet,
and there is tomorrow that I must meet
Hourglass hourglass, where art thou?
Is it my new son in law and their children that I must vow?
To keep in every moment of the day,
watch out for them and surrender love in every way?
Hourglass, hourglass, where am I now?
is it my grandchildren, and the love I have vowed?
Now they are grown and left our side
and I have no place to hide
and as I'm sitting here in my room,
I dream of my late husbund, who was my groom
Hourglass hourglass, where art thou?
as I weep and caress my brow
only moments till my life is thru
and there is nothing to do
as I await my childrens fate
and I think its too late
to correct the things in my life,
I wonder, should I have became his wife?
'Until I see my children & grandchildren everywhere,
Then I don't care.

Hourglass, hourglass, are you still there?
As I gently care please look after the ones I love and left behind, for they were kind..
:: Rose Taylor
Smithers, BC, Canada

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