It was up North,
Between the Valley

It was up North, between the valley
in a little town, well, city, whatever you want to call ye

That the moon and stars all settled on night,
Thru crisp cool air, and sky so bright.
Come night fall the Lad was settled in,
from a day of strugglin' and fightin' pain;
His eyes, they rested, but his soul was tired,
but inside his spirit still fought, like fire!

For the Lad though ill, he struggled to live,
and each night and day, he'd pray, to Lord for strength to give...

His maiden though tired and wiery, she loved him so,
and carried him with her, wherever they'd go
Where one went, the other, also, by his side did go.

Tis even in Dreams that the maiden saw
For one night, she dreamed of God's precious law
That though on earth, maybe no peace or rest was found
one night she saw, as she slept in her gown...

The promise of peace for those struggling and in dismay
For in her dream, through dry tears she saw,
a path to Heaven, with no earthly flaws

On wings they traveled the path through sky
there was no questioning, or wondering why
For they saw their destiny in a Bright Crystal Light,
A promise of Heaven, near Mansions' bright

They traveled to the edge together, they flew
and suddeny, the edge, was a boundry true
For no further the maiden could go forth,
as she felt her Lad, waiting at the door

Twas many nights she dreamt of this,
and each day she loved her lad, they kissed
And held each moment softly still,
So precious, together, pure love they'd feel

Tis sad, the Love, the Struggle, they carried
Yet she promised the Lad, when they got married
That forever together, she'd be by his side
Yet when she dreamed of the other side, she was mystified!

For though she loved her Lad with heart,
she knew she had to some day depart
And give to God the man he gave to her
The life, the love, they both endured.

For in her dreams no struggles,nor pain escaped
On the other side, near Heaven's gate
She knew, if she loved him so,
that someday to God, she'd have to let him go

But he waited for her at the Heaven's door
My love, I'll always be with you,
and you with me,
and in Heaven,
One day...
We'll be together, forever, Always.
:: Rose Taylor Smithers Feb 1993
Smithers, BC, Canada

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