A Winter Night
The night falls
The world sleeps
The stars shine
The wind blows the trees
Whispering dreams to the children who sleep
Warm in their beds
Protected from the cold of the night
Itís a winterís night
Drowning in snow
That overtakes anything green that still lives
To turn the earth whiter than the doveís wing
Itís a moment of pure tranquility
Not a sound can be heard
Except for the last leaves of autumn
That fall to their snow covered graves below
The moon, white like the snow
Glides against the black sky
Crying at the beauty it sees below
Soon, the world will wake
Away from the safety and warmth of their beds
And the snow will overtake them as well
And they too will know the tranquility of winter
And be warmed
By the beauty that surrounds them.
:: Emily S. Talwar

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