The Flower and The Bird

Amongst the lonely branches of a tree,
Stood a lovely flower fragrant and free,
She was the sight of every passer-by,
"What a beautiful flower!" people would cry.
The flower in the prime of its youth,
Couldnít identify life and its real truth,
Proud by its fragrance and beauty it stood,
And thought that beauty was what made it good,
Impressed by its beauty a little bird would sing,
The tale of its love and the whole valley would ring,
Perched on the branch of the great oak tree,
The bird sings its love for the flower to see,
People would stop and look at this tale,
Of the beautiful lady and the gallant male.
And one day the bird let its heart out,
And the beautiful flower refused with pout,
The bird wanting its belovedís heart,
Asked her, "What do I do so that we donít part?"
And the proud flower told the lonely bird,
"There is a flower down the valley, have you heard?
Its brilliant red, is said is more beautiful than me,
So dear bird, make me red, as red as I can be!"
The bird said, "But your beauty is no match,
So beautiful are you that my heart, you did catch!"
The flower in its pride and anger,
Told the bird "Oh! Donít bother",
The sadness in its eyes, the bird couldnít see,
And said, "I gift the colour red to thee!"
Saying this he pierced his heart on a thorn,
And spilt the blood on her till he was torn,
And the flower indeed did become red,
With the love of the little birdís blood,
People would stare at the beautiful flower,
And amongst the branches it would hover,
The people passing soon forgot the song of the bird,
But the silent lament of the flower was never heard,
The flower never forgot the love of its bird,
But the melody of the poor bird was never heard!
:: Supriya

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