Sad is the story of the sky and the sea,
Their meeting looks lovely to those who see,
Alas! The beautiful meeting at the horizon is but an illusion,
While the sky and the sea throng in the pain of separation,
The sky stoops down with its stretched arms,
And the sea shies away in its own charms,
They try to reach each other but in vain,
They suffer from what is called love's sweet pain!
The sea, in excitement jumps towards the sky,
Forgetting the boundaries of what is known as shy,
The sky falls down balancing itself on its knee,
Not withstanding the separation of its beloved sea,
And sometimes in separation the sky does cry,
Such is the fate of the sea and the sky,
Their meeting at the horizon is a beautiful illusion,
It's fate's play that they suffer from love's separation!
:: Supriya

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