Love is Divine
when you hear a silent whisper and the trees begin to sway,
come to me and i'll show you the way.
when the sky's begin to weep and the clouds part in sorrow,
come to me and i'll be your tomorrow.
when the hands of time tic slowly and the nightingale sings,
come to me and we'll fly on love's wings.
when you feel alone and the nights are weary and long,
come to me and i'll sing passions song.
for every choice there is a mistake and a slow, casual intake.
for everyones shattered breath there is pain and silent death,
but trust in my gentle touch and you'll live for pleasure such.
none you have ever dreamt of pursuing.
when you need a loving embrace and the world is oh so cruel,
come to me and i'll show you emotions duel,
for you are my guided steps of ectasy,
my path of reassurence, my hearts aching desire,
for my love flows like the deepest ocean.
my sacrifices weave an intricate shield of protection
over my true hearts fufilment
and the light of achievement dawns another day,
for complete happiness, i have found my salvation.
It is my love.
:: Soulcryangel

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