Have you ever noticed just how noisy silence
is when you're all alone and the tv isn't on?
I never had that problem when I was busy with my kids.
I hear the noise quite clearly now that they are gone.

I used to think, "Someday I will REALLY have some peace!"
not thinking at that time just how lonely life would be.
I only wished to have some time to spend by myself.
Now I miss those little voices and their running feet.

Be careful what you wish for and enjoy what you now have.
The time rushes by and too soon you're all alone.
They grow so fast and before you know the children
that you love are busy with their own lives
and you miss them when they're gone.

I wonder as I sit alone, "Did I do right by them?"
I can only pray that the answer will be "Yes."
I find I miss those little voices as they played.
Do you ever notice just how noisy silence is?"
:: Marjorie A. Smith

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