You Are A Success

When you live for today...

When you live for today
And not in the past or for the future.
When you stop looking for happiness
And start giving happiness to others.
When you want less of what you see
And want more of what you canít see.
When you could have anything in the world that you want,
And your soul delights in the simple things in life.
When you have something to live for
That makes you feel wonderfully alive.
When joy doesnít depend upon the external
But upon the internal and eternal.
When your life has roots
And your dreams wings.
When you know the value of love,
And value it above all else.
When you never let go of hope,
But hold onto it for life.
When you have a purpose to fulfill
That fulfills you.
When you havenít the strength you need
But you have the heart.
When you arenít led by your fears
But by your faith.
When you can find something good in the bad
And consider it a blessing.
When you wouldnít take all the money in the world
For what is most important to you.
When you realize that success and failure
Are only what you think.
When you know the storms of life will pass
Onto a brighter day.
When you donít waste time worrying
But use it to make a difference.
When you need something to stand on
You have standards .
When you accept life on its own terms
But use them to determine your own.
When you are touched by the beauty around you
And the world is touched by the beauty in you.
When you know the greatness of Godís grace
Through the grace of knowing him.....

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