Sleeping Love

Silence settles in our room
away from the bustle and boom.
A sense of peace floats in the air
jasmine scented; without a care.

Silence can torment the living
but we embrace it to stop living.
It frees the tensions of our minds
where twisted emotions may unwind.

Sometimes words spoken can be contorted
even actions misunderstood.
Silence lives in neutrality
where lovers seek sanctuary.

If peace unveils our passions,
hidden in the mundane motions
and distractions of the day
then I welcome silence to say...

Lay your sleeping head, my love
and caress the window to my soul.
Lay your tender lips, my dear
and confess your desires to my ear.

Let me drown in your silky hair
fragrant with rosy petals from Blaire.
Let my fingers twirl through your locks
and relieve the pressures on your heart... we relish in this sweet thought
that a love so true is fought
in the kindness of the heart
in the stillness of the night.

In time you filled this empty shell
and brought us to heaven from hell.
Silence lingers and you should as well
and lay your sleeping head on me.

© 1998

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