This House

Long lost comfort filled the air
rejoicing to be back
I inhaled the sweet reunion
And reveled in it's healing

A sigh of relief escaped my lips
My santuary had been purified
I combed through the madness that ensued
Stripping footsteps from the floors
And banishing anything of yours

With a slow descent down the stairs,
I let my palms ride alond the smooth wooden hand rail
It was then i felt you
You were still in this house somewhere

The beckoning of discontent
Wrapped it's cold grip around my heart
And pulled me down the last few steps,
To look for you
Though your body was long gone
At that moment,
your essence still raped my tranquility

Only I can live in this house that is my own
Like a haunting from a distant grave
Your voice still chilles me to the bone
Leaving marks on my subconscious

Then I saw your face
Trying to hang on
by a rusty nail on the wall
Disgust and distain crept back into my body
As I began to remember
All the noise of raw disorder
And your schizophrenic ways
All those tears that i had shed before
Again, welled up in my eyes
"This house is mine," I said
You and those days
Will be left outside to die

With a fist i smashed your lingering smirk
Until my knuckles were wet with blood
No part of you will thrive here
"No more!" I screamed "No more!"

I looked down at the shattered remains
With my blood in croplets across your face
A wave of satisfaction flowed through me
This is just how i wanted to see you
Broken in pieces on the floor
Jusy how you left me
:: Rishard Shelton

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