Who am I----I am you!

I am but a person, one must look close to see
I am neither a man nor a woman, I am a being
We all start as an egg, move on from a sperm
We are all the same sex at the time of our birth
But through our young time in the womb we grow
Apart we'll emerge as a "WHO" to know!
Whether white or brown, pink or black
This will determine how we stand out
The hair will be key in determining the TRUTH
Red, Blonde, Black or Brown our intelligence-found
The eyes will be next black brown blue or green
This will determine if you PASS-FAIL-SUCCEED!
Remember young one when you stood alone
The matter from which you grew and were born
The colors in which our bodies share
DO NOT determine who lies in there
We all came from the exact same place
Our mothers wombs------THAT'S OUR RACE!!!

Barbara Schwenk
Florida, USA

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