You and Me
As the first rays of sunlight, gently kiss your face
As you smile to yourself, welcoming the morning
Do you make jus' one wish, and do you wish for me?

As the first drops of rain touch and wet the dry land
As the shower sings on leaves with lightning joining the band
So you smile to yourself, do you think of me?

As the flakes touch the floor, frozen, frigid and cold
As you freeze in the snow, walking down the lane
Do you feel the warmth within and do I warm those thoughts?

As the moonlight gleams on the roads
As the asters glow bright
As the candles set the mood
As the song tunes flow
As the breeze scents your thoughts
As mind begins to drift
Close your eyes and think of me
I want you to see me in your dreams
:: Amrutha Ragavan

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