Primordial Dream

From water I was born knowing you
in a sea of faces, drifting the tides of time
until we touched beneath the sea,
clinging like seaweed to our nakedness:
we float skyward and dream of winged flight,
gliding effortlessly arm in arm.

Violent seas tore me from your arms,
hungrily devouring demons consumed my flesh,
drowning in the watery depths of sorrow
until upon the last gasp, I summoned your strength
to pull me from the sea smoke witch’s brew:
we again soared beyond the horizon’s edge.

We glide and dive, disappear and emerge,
together and apart, united and solitary,
until the sea once again reclaims that which she birthed:
a dream within a dream floating on currents of love,
embracing the unknown with passion enough to sustain us
in the darkness of night and the lightness of being.

Leslie Berger
© 1996 Reality Software

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