Mirror Mirror

Gazing into the mirror sadly
a girl who hates her face,
No one wants to touch her,
give her a hug or an embrace.
Why must I look like this,
so fat and ugly she thought,
my horrible body is ruining my life
and hurting me a lot.
How can I be wanted,
loved, and maybe make a friend?
The only answer she could find was to
put her eating to an end.
As long as I am far from food
how pretty I will be,
Ill be slim and gorgeous I'll create
a brand new me.
The less she ate the thinner she was
and the happier she became,
But soon enough her body tired, and the
happiness turned to shame.
She was always sick and weak and uneasy
but the no-food diet remained,
With her new image she felt beautiful,
and many peers shed gained.
Then one day her heart stopped short
they found her on the floor,
Her life had ended tragically but the food had stopped before.
Now looking at this poem you see how many girls feel,
These stereotypes are hurting many and they are very real.

Shere Powell
© 1997

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