Only I

Can you feel her presence on a lonely night?
Can you hear her calling from the bright, white light?

Do you know the reason she stands so close to me?
Do you know she’s thinking of ways to set me free?

Will you know her voice in the calling of the wind?
Will you hear her singing in the soft words of your friend?

I know that she is with me deep within my soul.
I know that she will keep me from my darkest foe.

Only I know the reason she has come to me today.
Only I know the reason she’s in my heart to stay.

You don’t know she’s singing on a cold, dark night.
You don’t know she’ll save me from my hardest fight.

You will feel her presence when I call her name.
You will see her beauty in my new found fame.

Now you know she’s there, when I have no tears.
Now you know her love will stay with me for years.

Cheryl Osborn

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