Love has a million emotions.
It tears you apart, and gives you devotions.
It is like a vast ocean.
It gives you much feeling, and takes you away.
What is love?
I do not know.
But when it comes around, it will show.
Love is what you want.
Love is what you'll get.
Love is something you'll live with, and sometimes regret.
Love can be sweet.
Love can be pure.
If you give it some time, i will be sure.
Give it time, think in through,
because you never know if that love is not meant for you.
I've been through love.
It has shown me alot.
It has given me pain, and give me thought.
What is love?
You ought to know.
It blew me away with just one flow.
:: Yessenia Ortega
Dominican Republic

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