I've Only Just Begun
It's getting to my head and driving out my soul
I try to fight it every day but just can't stop the pull
Soon enough I'll be drained, forget whateverís known
Pack my bags, close the door, leave behind my throne
So let me leave you with my legacy or just at least whatís left
Because pertaining to my memory, there has been a theft
The perfect world that I once knew was taken from my heart
And when I found it once again it was torn apart
But maybe it's an opening, just for me to see
That thereís a place for everyone and all is meant to be
Whatís done is in the past and this it can be changed
Because whatís done is etched in stone and can't be rearranged
Time it can't be saved and the clocks will keep on ticking
So let me tell you from my heart in case this is not clicking
Every little thing thatís done has helped create today
And I've found it quite impossible to try and run away
So I'll hold my arms wide open to welcome I the new
I won't stumble in the past but only try to see it through
I'll live my life with an open mind, accepting all thatís done
Because I know with each new day I've only just begun
:: Steve O'Neill

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