To Mrs. Smith

If only you had taught me all those many years ago
You would have made my world a little brighter
‘Twould not have made a difference that I was a little slow
My school load would have been a whole lot lighter

You would have taught the golden rule just as you do today
Your explanations making all things clear
You would have sat and listened to the things I had to say
Accepted child like phrases then as dear

How joyfully I’ve watched my grandchild seated in your class
Not only her, but all the others too;
Sometimes their little comments really made me want to laugh!
But her first two years of grace I owe to you

I guess I shouldn’t be a little sad about today
It’s not the end but only something new
Next year grade one another chapter in her Book of Life
And you will carry on the way you do

I want to thank you for the way you’ve given them the chance
To speak and share their feelings and their pains
Frustrations of the school term sometimes seem a heady dance
But to see them venture on - a goal attained

The time has come to grow again - new challenges await
Please know we won’t forget you when we part
You’ll be remembered even if it’s only for a moment
Like a treasure you’ll be hidden in our hearts

Thank you doesn’t seem enough - for all the time you spent preparing -
Report cards that you wrote and stories told;
To have such a great beginning to a life of education
A jewel of treasured memories they can hold
:: Shirley O'Connor

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