When I Was Young

I used to walk behind the barn
When I was but a child
I used to pick black berries
This would make my Mother smile
I used to be amazed
When I'd look upward to the trees
To see the squirrels a'scurrying by
And feel the gentle breeze

I loved to get the water
In the bucket from the spring
I loved to play house in the leaves
My Dad made me a swing
I loved to taste the maple syrup
Dripping in the pail
I loved to see the butterflies
And little cottontails

The hickory nuts were tasty
How I cracked them with delight
My mouth would surely water
As I quickly took a bite
I'd go and look for fossils
Sit on the rocks and play
I'd pretend this was my castle
There amidst a field of hay

I loved to go into the barn
My Uncle's cows to milk
They'd nudge me with their noses
What a feeling, smooth as silk
It's hard for me to let you know
Just how I loved that barn
Or the many friends of Nature
I had on that little farm

Hello silo, see me silo, land sakes! I would say
The silo was my friend
It understood my childlike way
The echo coming back to me
It sounded oh so sweet
I felt that I belonged at last
Felt that I was complete

Well, I'm grown now
And all these things are but a memory
The barn still stands
The house is there
Still seems a part of me
Maybe someday I will have a final chance
To once again-
Go out back, behind that big red barn
And visit my old friends
:: Shirley O'Connor

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