Love Heals All Wounds
If I could send a thousand angels
I would send the best of them all.
The one to heal your heart
The one to heal your soul.
If I could tell you a thousand words
There would be only one word to say.
Words from my heart
Words from my soul.
Written from my heart to yours.
If the angels could tell you a thousand things.
I believe they would tell you one thing.
A thousand words and emotions rolled into one.
As angels whisper from heavens door
There words carry much weight.
With words of I love you
They bring much comfort and joy.
For they have loved you far before you were born.
They have believed in you as I do.
Listen to the words for they are all I can give.
And the one true word that heals all
is the words of love.
For angels love you as I do.
Remember when the road is long
Look for the one's who truly love you.
For as the angels will tell you
In time love heals all wounds.

*A poem for all the victims*

:: Michele Norton

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