i wanna be your knight in shining armor
and ride with you on a silver steed
away from our past's creeping demons
into lives we'd always sought to lead
and with the breath of summer's wind
sending our souls soaring ever higher,
in an embrace we'd ride together
into sunset's glorious evening fires...

and i wanna ride a platinum dragon
wielding a glowing magic lance
and slay all your troubling fears
in a mystical, violent dance
and risk my very life and soul
to fight your despair emblazoned
and in the last trembling second
whisk you away into safe havens..

and i wanna be your bleeding Jesus
with a crown of piercing thorns
stretched out on a rotting cross
and heal everything that's torn
and sacrifice my fading life
as my body falls into the mud,
and pay for each tear that fell
with a drop of mingled blood...

and as a bird fluttered to your waiting hand
as your feet lay bathed in silent mist
and flowers cushioned every careful step
i knew no beauty could ever compare to this
and stopping in trailing innocence,
you turned to me so elegantly
with eyes of passion's raging fire,
and you said quite simply: "Just love me."

Andrew Miller
Dedicated to Elisa Coleman

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