A Walk in the Moonlight
phases of the moon A large Orange Full Moon
rises quietly out of low Clouds
silently announcing Autumn
and hovering above the buildings
looking more like a Pumpkin
than a Moon
... my mind wanders to Halloween

Summer at its end holds on
to a few more precious Nights
before surrendering to
my favorite Season

Through some Weeping Willows I watch
the moon move across the Sky
going from Orange to Gold
as I continue to walk West
on this perfect Wednesday Evening

She is higher in the sky
and now Yellow as the Sun
so I stop on the moonlit street
to thank the Goddess
for the Autumn upon Us

when I reach the River's edge
this Pisces Full Moon almost Silver now
lights up the evening and my heart
as the last of the Crickets
Sing praise to her
and the East River flows
in as many directions as I
:: Linda Melodia
New York, USA

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