Gone Bush

I've been around for quite some time; I've seen a thing or two
Rubbed noses with a Dingo pup and hugged a Kangaroo
I'm quite a wildlife lover; to you I tell no lies
But one thing really bugs me is our black and white magpies
From the time when I was little, as I would walk to school
This cheeky black and white bird would make me look a fool
Now you may think it's just a bird and think well what the heck
But avoiding him is awful hard when he swoops down to peck
Mum would call "go round the back" when she could hear my cries
As he watched me in defiance with those beady orange eyes
With seven other siblings I've had a scrap or two
But nothingís even close to what this bird has put me through!
He would hide up in that gum tree, and wouldn't make a sound
Till he saw me sneaking out there then he'd peck me to the ground
Now time has passed and I have grown and children I have had
And that pesky little magpie doesn't really seem so bad
Mornings now I listen to their lovely warble song
And wonder how that bird and me just didn't get along
I even back the magpies... my local football side
And walk out to the letterbox...no need to have to hide
Then one day it happened while my daughter got the mail
I peeked out of the window when I heard her mighty wail
Swooping on her head was this bird of white and black
And suddenly I'm calling "well go around the back"
Yeah history sure repeats itself, whether man or bird
And trying to avoid it is really quite absurd
So when Iím up in the morning I still listen to their song
And when I check the mail I take my husbands bloody thong!
:: Alyson Leithhead

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