You always wonder if I'm ok
And I think of you both at least once a day
I remember when I was very small
Dad made me squeeze that tennis ball!
A tennis ball? Some people may ask
Well the doctor's gave my dad that task
See my little hands, they needed the strength
And for me dad would go to any length
I remember those days in the hospital bed
Dad held my hand and mum kissed my head
I remember mum platting my long blonde hair
And helping me put on the clothes that I'd wear
I remember the day at the beach I near drowned
I still thank God my dad was around!
I remember the days when down it would rain
Mum rubbed my knees to get rid of the pain
I remember my boots with the big long bars
And still today I carry the scars
I remember the joys, the love, and the cheer
I remember the hugs when shedding a tear
I remember Marilyn, my big doll in white socks
With her pretty pink dress and her soft golden locks
I remember dad letting me stay up late one night
Watching Doris Day movies how her hair was so white
Dad tickled my back and hugged me to sleep
These wonderful memories are all mine to keep
Life is the best when it's all filled with love
And any big hurdles I will rise above
Now I'm a mother, a gran, and a wife
And I thank mum and dad for giving me life
:: Alyson Leithhead

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