She went with her boyfriend at night in the cold
And in her hand was his hand to hold
She looks at him with love in her eye
She then looks at the road and sees a strange guy
She blinks once and he's no longer there
Then she feels her boyfriend fingers through her hair
He told her to love him even when he is gone
Then on the radio she heard his favorite song
He stopped looking at the road and just looked at her
She then felt the car spin and slur
He took off his seat-belt and continued to stare
She looked at the road and saw a bright glare
Faster and faster the car had sped
As she woke up her boyfriend was dead
The lights in the room burned her eyes
And, standing over her was that strange guy
The man told her the story and how he was killed
And, how he did it for her own will
The girl didn't understand, she was shocked and confused
The let out a cry remembering the words her love last used
She realized she'll never see him again
And, just wanted her world to end
She screamed at the man to leave her be
And, how it wasn't his face she wanted to see
She then understood what the man had meant
Was going to ask a question but then he left
She then furiously fell back asleep
And in her dreams was his heart she seeked
She awoke with a tear in her eye
Whispered I love you for her loving guy
She heard it back with a breath so cold
And in her hand was his hand to hold
She looked up and saw him standing there
As he began to run his fingers through her hair
She put on a smile and gave him so much love
And asked him if she to could go to the world above
He said no but that he would see her soon
That he would come back everyday at noon
She went home and fell back asleep
remembering it's his promises he'll keep
He awoke her with a sweet smile
And told her every moment is worthwhile
She put on a smile but began to cry
And told him how she wanted to die
He wiped off her tears and said it was okay
And he would come back later that day
He kissed her cheek and said good-bye
She then no longer wanted to cry
Later that day he came back to life
She asked what he meant,how it was the strange guy
He said that he saw her unhappy and wanted to fix it
So he then brought back her lovers spirit
:: Skylar Lawniczak
Las Vegas, NV

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