Fantasy Encaptured

Standing high on mountain top forlorn
against the amber sky with purple hues
a gush of wind sweeps back your hair
as you stretch your arms wide above
reaching out as far as you can
the moment passes
unfolding the success
you willed, you strived and finally you achieved

Sitting with your legs crossed
on the cushion of soft sand by the sea shore
the silvery moon on the velvety night sky
studded with gems in the backdrop
you watch the warm water wash your feet
as the fierce bluish green sea moves back & forth
As the wind strokes you gently on the neck
giving you a new high
you realize spirituality to its maximum

Walking through the woods in midst of sweet smell of pine
the crystal blue waters of a little stream cascading down
sparkling underneath the yellow sunshine
the chirping birds, the cool fresh air
no one to care, nothing to fear
you smile and laugh as never before
unwrapping the most enchanting gift
the gift of true happiness
:: Neeti Katoch

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