His Timely Journey

Nature had colored his hair gray
during his journey for success.
His skin was wrinkled and frail
covering his weakening pulse.

On the line he balanced gingerly
between what was and what will be.
He saw the world differently
and held the moments with joy.

He unaware... a lady watched
the man caught deeply in thought.
Paralyzed she could express not
how she was inspired by his past.

One day he turned and saw her
and raised his fingers to his lips.
He blew a gentle kiss to her
and her heart skipped a couple beats.

Circle of Life Time ticked by and carried his whisper:
No more heart aches...no more tears
No longer this journey we share,
Promises I ask of you my dear.

"Go on my love, go on without me....
To weave your journey of wonder."

© 1997 revised in 1999

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