Eternal Love

If today was my last to live,
there is nothing I'd rather do
than take this day just to give
my eternal love to you.

When you wake, I hope you smile,
and cherish our love so sweet,
for darlin, it will be a while
before the two of us shall meet.

Until that time, I hope that you
will always be able to see
the love I hold for you is true,
for all eternity.

There are not words enough to say
what your sweet love means to me.
I hope you always feel this way,
and that our love will always be.

I love you, and I want to share
life standing by your side,
to let you know I always care,
and in your love abide.

Darlin, between you and me,
there lives a love rare and true.
I hope today you clearly see
my eternal love for you.

Rebecca N. Jordan
© 1998

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