Is the beauty that to me was so real
Gone - because I marred it suddenly
With a blot of something less
than lovely - a bit of reality??
Did it mean so very little to you
Designed only for a moment of pleasure
But easily dispensed of without a second thought
With the rest of it all as a measure??
Made into ugliness - that which was thought
to be a mutual and wonderful feeling.
More concrete than to be thrown away
or leave my head and heart reeling.
Without a chance to even explain
the whys, whats and wherefores of that
which to me was a show of integrity
but not seen that way from where you sat.
Did you not realize that along with
the communication comes a sensitivity?
My pride has been wrenched from within
and cast aside so carelessly.
I was the one who had suffered
from something, but I could see
It was trivial and easily solved.
I guess what will be, will be.
My place in the total picture
was so insignificant and very small.
I guess I saw too much in that
which was really nothing at all.
:: Susan N. James
Manitoba, Canada

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