Perpetual Regret
To live every moment with regret
Knowing the losses have been met
To have already seen her graceful face
And then to have passed by her sweet taste
Knowing true bliss never to be met
Let go; Forget

To live every moment with dismay
Feelings of freedom; Feelings betray
Like a bird held down with might
Never again to feel the freedom of flight
Choices are made; Swallowed down; Forever to stay
So is the lust to be free and fly away

To live every moment with nothing but pity
The crown of sorrow fits be-fittingly
All the things that could have been gained
Only a shroud of darkness is obtained
Knowing now that the past is finality
The need is deep to break from insanity

To live every moment; Now with happiness
To bury the past; The use of forgetfulness
Then lifting the weight of despair
As lusting wings touch free air
Living the past is ignorant foolishness
Come to terms; And rid the thoughtlessness

Memories are things that have come to be
Never to change them; Can you not see
They are set in eternal stone
And stronger yet, than living bone
Realization; You can not flee
From that truth that always is, and forever will be
:: John F.C Hallett
Nova Scotia, Canada

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