Another Chance

With thoughts aswirling in my mind
I grab my pen to write my lines
I only know that I must show
things I feel I should let you know
I wonder just why it should be
that God has chosen you and me
as he looked down from up above
to give to us this new wondrous love
I cannot know what circumstance
led to our getting this new chance
which caught me so much by surprise
that tears of happy fill my eyes

Love songs have taken a new meaning
I hear the morning birds asinging
With every love song, now I hear
the message comes quite loud and clear
in shades of truth so lucidly
they wrote them all for you and me
for very few may ever know
the ways in which our love may grow
to heights where mortals rarely tread
and take us to that wondrous bed
of love that never has an end
I'll go there with you, my best friend

I'll come and get you, take you there
Without a thought for worldly care
we'll catapult high in the air
and we will land, we know not where
but you and I will surely know
in that sweet land to whence we go
I'll find a love so pristine, rare
with you my lovely lady, fair
Then when our mortals souls are through
with this good Earth and bodies too
two twinkling stars, two heav'nly ghosts
will dance across the whole cosmos
and when we dance close to the earth
the human race will know the worth
they'll know how great true love can be
they'll see its glow in you and me.
:: Hal Gantt

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