Hypnotic Flames
i sit by the hearth, watching the fire
thinking of you and filled with desire
the glow has me in some hypnotic state
the warmth in my heart comes not from the grate
i watch the flame die to an ember
and for my life, i can't remember
a time when i did not love you

you were there with me in childhood days
romped the woods with me where i used to play
you cried with me when i stubbed my toe
wherever i went, you'd always go
you watched and cheered as i captured outlaws
helped me share the wrath when i lost dad's saw
I know this is true, 'cause I always loved you

you walked with me thru each phase of life
shared likewise the triumphs and the strife
tho we couldn't know, not yet, you see
and whether or not you'd ever agree
i know you were there...you had to be
for there never was a day
when i did not love you.

Something about you, the first time we met
walked right inside me, i'll never forget
when i looked inside those lovely eyes
sensations i felt, common sense defies
my mind told my heart, well, there she stands
the one you always knew was near at hand
and that was the first time I knew I loved you

is this a true story, well, yes and no
if you do not love me you'll never know
for it takes two parties to make this all true
and all that is missing, right now, is you
if for some reason, this cannot be
it's still a true story, but only to me
for i still can't recall a day
when i did not love you

if one day you say this has to end
that you can be nothing but my friend
i'll still have you with me the rest of my days
thru darkest shadows and suns golden rays
what we shared together, it just has to be
now i'm part of you and you're part of me
and that little part, no matter how small
as long as i live, i shall never recall
a moment when i did not love you
:: Hal Gantt

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