Falling Stars
A star streaked 'cross the sky last night
And burst into a brilliant light
I saw that star and thought of you
And wondered if you saw it too
For if you did, I wonder why
We did not meet there 'neath that sky
We could have climbed up on that star
And rode it into space so far
I would have held you, oh so close
As we danced 'cross the whole cosmos
Tonight, I'm hoping you and I
Will be out watching in the sky
For if a star should streak again
It it is in the Master's plan
From out in space, that wondrous star
Will point the way to where you are
I'll walk that path fast as I can
To come and take your waiting hand
Tho I know not how long t'will be
Love, wait there 'neath that sky for me
:: Hal Gantt

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