If I could paint you and you could paint me
and whatever we painted was the way we would be
in the great masterpiece I'd paint of you
I'd paint you to look just the way you do
One change I would make...I'd never forget,
but I am not ready to tell you just yet

And how would you paint me...I'm afraid to ask
for painting me handsome might be quite some task
but I know you can do it...I know, 'cause you see,
you have to remember this is my fantasy
As you let your brush fly, one thing I would pray
that you'd ne'er paint me fore'er gone away

The brightest of stars I'd take from the skies,
a permanent twinkle for your lovely eyes
To light up your nights and brigten your days,
I'd mix in my paints, the sun's golden rays,
soft shimmering moonlight to highlight your style
All men who beheld you would stare for a while

So you'd always feel good, I'd paint in the wind
to gently caress you and cool down those men
Now you may be thinking, there's no way, he can't,
for where would he ever find the right paint
But I hold the pen, my thoughts to disperse,
that gives me access to the whole universe,
therefore is naught, that I cannot do
to enhance this lovely portrait of you

Wherever your heart went, that's where you'd be
The background would change, with your mood, you see
No place in the world would be out of reach
If the seaside should beckon, you'd be on a beach
You might look one time, and be in the mountains,
the next perhaps gazing on Rome's lovely fountains

No artist or paints could possibly add
They can only show things you always had
So, all these enhancements, unneeded it seems,
for just as you are, so you are in my dreams
The one change I'd make, I mentioned before
would lift up my heart to where eagles soar
for down deep inside, where eyes cannot see,
I'd paint you forever in love with me
:: Hal Gantt

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