Flower Among the Weeds

I'm glad I met you on life's rocky road
while gathering weeds grown from seeds I sowed
i pulled and I pulled til I thought I would drop
i must have had help when i planted that crop

I had to keep searching thru these useless plants
if I looked long enough, i might find, perchance
the seed i'd been saving, but somehow had lost
it must have been mixed with the seeds i tossed

I picked some wild roses down life's winding way
i remember their fragrance, still to this day
they withered and died, with my dreams and plans
and left me with nothing but thorns in my hands

I knew my one flower was growing somewhere
and i knew no other could ever compare
i'd search and i'd search for all i was worth
if i had to pull every weed on this earth

The very first time i laid eyes on thee
i'd have to blind, if I couldn't see
what, now on my mind, is forever engraved
you're the flower that grew from that seed i saved

Now that we've met, from the search i resign
to devote all my life to making you mine
for i didn't find you, 'cause you weren't lost
and I merely can say, now our paths have crossed

The words, "make you mine," poor choice, i suppose
'cause I can't pick you, like i'd pick a rose
but i'm truly hoping, i've found, indeed,
my flower who'll grow with this lonely weed
:: Hal Gantt

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