The Search
For many years I've searched for you
I've looked both far and wide
To find that special someone
Who's heart is tied to mine

I've looked into so many eyes
In my search for you
But I never made a connection
That is, until I met you

It was by pure chance we even met
Though you were already a friend
If not for the technology of computers
Our meeting would never have been

There are many complications
In your life and mine
But none that can't be overcome
If given enough time

My head says don't get your hopes up
Because you've been hurt before
My heart and soul say this may be
The one I've waited for

So I fight this battle inside myself
Not sure about what I should do
Trying with all my might
Not to get attached to you

I know deep in my heart
That my feelings will only grow
Still I want to be with you
More than you'll ever know

No matter of the outcome
I won't regret this time
But savor every gentle touch
From your soul deep within mine

I'll never ask for more than you can give
And I'll treasure what ever I get
Just happy knowing that at least for a time
My soul mate I have met
:: Alisa Yancey Dunagan
Oklahoma, USA

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